Three Swimrunners laughing as one women helps the other put on her swimrun wetsuit

What's under your wetsuit?

Introducing the SwimRunner™

The SwimRunner™ is the silky soft, ultra-supportive sports bra (and matching bottoms!) that Swimrunners are asking for. Our Swijin team here in Switzerland is making this innovative, performance-driven and sustainable product a reality.

A smiling woman putting on her wetsuit for swimrun
Here's the issue

We've got sports bras, and we've got swimwear, but what about something in-between? Something you can wear just as easily for a run or a swim, and, best of all, for Swimrunning?

Our Purpose

Our mission is to innovate a quick-drying "swimrun suit" that comfortably hugs your curves so you can run, jog, swim and surf with confidence. 

We are collaborating with Swiss textile engineers and Italian fashion designers to innovate comfortable, supportive and quick-drying sportswear.

Three swimrunners climbing out of the water onto the rocky shore one after the other
Three female Swimrunners in swimrun gear, huddled in celebration

Become an Insider!

When creativity and technology collide, wonderful things happen. But we still need your input on both style and functionality. That's why we are inviting a select number of women to become exclusive Swijin Insiders;

  • You can steer our creative direction in design and function,
  • You'll get sneak-peek previews of upcoming designs,
  • Pre-orders available to Insiders only!
Four Swimrun women posing together for a selfie